5-channel video installation with fabric, desks, cotton material, and spools and documents found on the Cal Rosal Textile Factory in Cal Rosal, Catalonia.

Presented as part of Creença, group exhibit and residency curated by Axel Void and Void Projects at Konvent in Catalonia, Spain

The quotidian rhythm of the Cal Rosal textile factory workers, their children’s education and the development of their system of beliefs was dependent on the social, economic and architectural infrastructure of the factory, which was mostly dedicated to the production of fabric sheets and tablecloths. This same industrial infrastructure inhabits a vast natural landscape due to its dependency to the river, which energized the factory and the convent hydraulically. 

Nowadays, the space of the factory is dominated by its emptiness, by the light that illuminates this emptiness, by the silence and the echo that fills this space, and by its remnants: artifacts, machinery, documents, layers of decaying paint, and fabric, that are now trapped in one parallel state of time. The videos alude to the poetic and potential divinity of the present state of the factory. These images are interlaced with the voice of a former student of the convent and loom worker of the Cal Rosal factory, who retells her memories of her time at the colony. 

The videos are projected over materials that have been rescued from the factory; fabric, curtains, plastic and wood. These structures divide the space attempting to recreate the past dimensions of the space as a classroom and dining room for the students and workers of the factory, who were destined to work at the factory once they finished their studies at the convent. 
eternal depicts a portrait of the present space Cal Rosal factory as a potential and continuous archive of time. Simultaneously, it seeks to create a visual and aural dialogue between the current of the river and the flow and texture of the fabric as the two sources of energy of this colony.