Retiro @ Seoul Museum of Art


Installation View of Retiro @ Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Part of the exhibition “will you still love me tomorrow?”

On view August 27th-October 20th, 2019

Press on the exhibition : E-Flux

Seoul Museum of Art , Aging World

*note on installation at SEMA :

The use of the blinds as projection surfaces allude to the domestic space these interviews were carried out: the home of Gloria. These type of blinds became popular in many Puerto Rican middle-class households during the 1980’s and 1990’s, as they were imported from the United States and introduced the design aesthetic of the time, symbolizing economic progress and an attempt at assimilating to the american middle class. Many of these curtain blinds purchased during these periods remain hung in many family homes, their original color tainted by the ever-present sunlight of the caribbean and evoking a feeling of nostalgia for this generation. 

link to video installation documentation: