holguín, hialeah


Film | Multichannel Installation work

link to excerpt  :https://vimeo.com/362070010 [ for full screener, email natalia.lassalle.m@gmail.com ]

holguín, hialeah follows the story of Alvis Hecheverría, a former secretary and housewife who decides to leave Cuba for the first time at age 81 after the passing of her husband, relocating to Hialeah, Florida. Throughout her process of adapting to her new life in Florida, we conducted interviews and followed her daily routine as a new immigrant in Hialeah. As part of this process, we visited the spaces in Miami that allude to a Cuban imaginary, attempting to recreate memories of her life in Cuba in these spaces. After two years of filming and a theatrical debut, Alvis and I decided to trace these recreations and memories to their original locations in her birth city of Santiago and her hometown of Holguín in Cuba. In these visits, we documented her reunions with family and old friends, but also faced the transitoriness of these spaces, which had changed vastly over time.