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2021 1-4, Collaboration with Sofía Gallisá Muriente for Museum of the Contemporary Art of South Florida

La Ruta at Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago , on view until September 19, 2020

Behind the Lens, Artist Talk, Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago —- > here

Proyecciones Caseras , pop-up show by Pana Projects curated by Akili Tomassino and Marina Reyes Franco in Caimital Alto in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Featuring work by Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Jezabeth Roca González and Natalia Lassalle-Morillo

La Ruta & Retiro at the Latin American Cinemateque of LA / January 2020

Retiro @ the Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Retiro (2019)

Forbes Magazine, Retiro at Seoul Museum of Art

E-Flux on “Will you still love me tomorrow?” at Seoul Museum of Art

Retiro, Contemporaryand, Supplement Projects, Miami

Retiro at Seoul Museum of Art

“Retratar la Longevidad”, Reseña Visión Doble

Nu-House Interview

Miami New Times Article 

workuntitled interview with Olivia Ramos

holguín / hialeah (2019)

Miami New Times / “it will never become quite familiar to you” at Oolite Arts

Topologies of Excess at Cuesta College (2019)

Topologies of Excess at Cuesta College

Article by Artishock Magazine, Chile / Topologies of Excess

Terremoto MX on Topologies of Excess

La Ruta del Progreso (2018)

La Ruta del Progreso en Pública, Santurce- Primera Hora

Puerto Rico Art News

“La Ruta” at Third Horizon Film Festival, Filmmaker Magazine

En Parábola / Conversations on Tragedy (2018)

“Conversaciones entre una Artista y su Madre”, El Nuevo Día

Creenca (2018)

Creenca at Konvent, Collosal Article

IRMA (2017)

Miami Herald

Miami Art Zine: Here and Now, an emerging art series

Fonderie Darling, Artist Discussion

Miami Herald : Local Filmmakers encourage South Miami High School Students

Miami Herald: Miami Light Projects picks six artists for Here and Now, 2016