Based on interviews with women over 60 years of age in Puerto Rico, Cuba and Miami, Retiro is a multimedia documentary and performance project that reflects on the natural territory between autobiography, the metaphysical and potential history. This documentary film installation reconstructs and reinvents memories of the participating women’s lives through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and reenactments, allowing for an intimate exploration of the fragility of the human experience, the impermanence of time, and the process of aging in women.

Retiro focuses on creating a physical  transitable landscape that goes goes beyond the individual action of remembering, being instead a fragmented portrait that embodies a collective experience of women from these four different locations.  It focuses on the process that surrounds the making of these film recreations : the conversations, phone exchanges , car-rides to locations, and the connections perceived by the documentarist as a spectator that flows within the different social, political and geographical landscapes.

Retiro is currently in post-production, aiming to be released in early 2018. It was developed thanks to the support of  Fonderie Darling in Montréal, Québec,  Miami Film Development Project and Miami Theatre Center.