how would you dress me?

how would you dress me?

Throughout the process of producing “Retiro: GLORIA”, a documentary about my mother’s recreation of her coming of age story through film, my mother and I carried out several interviews where we brainstormed to write the script for the film we produced. During the editing process, I encountered all this interview footage that led me to trace connections between our individual “coming of age” stories.

how would you dress me? Deals particularly with the realization of a fantasy- my mother’s fantasy- as I gave her control of my image outside of the fictional realm we created in the process filming and producing GLORIA. Within the simple premise of giving my mother permission to dress me- an act eradicated at teenagedom- strict cultural and aesthetical norms for Puerto Rican women manifested themselves while challenging the complex tenderness of mother-daughter relationships.

how would you dress me? was filmed in Miami, Florida and developed thanks to the support of the Fonderie Darling Latin American Residency and the Miami Film Development Project.