La Ruta



La Ruta

Documentary and three-channel video installation with chiffon and hammocks.


“La Ruta” is a documentary project that documents the now abandoned recreational infrastructure , uncontrolled natural landscapes and off-road sites of Puerto Rico ’s Panoramic Route.

Built in 1974 as the government’s alternative to bring tourism and progress to the central-mountain range of the island , the route is known for its poor road infrastructure and disconnection from the more densely populated metropolitan areas, which has resulted in a loss of the history of sites and events that took place on this route.

The three video channels are projected into different “screens” crafted out of different fabric materials, creating a layered and at times intangible perception of the images. These screens frame a hammock that hangs from the center of the installation space and is accessible to the viewer. Featuring long shots of these sites intertwined with interviews gathered throughout the journey of the route, “La Ruta” addresses how some of the inhabitants of the towns retell the lost history of their surroundings, and therefore redefine their communities’ potential history. The aim is to create an immersive and meditative environment for the viewer, allowing for further reflection on the relationship these sites have to the current and future understanding of progress in a country that lives in constant state of reimagining and therefore, redefining ,a sense of collective and individual identity.

This installation is part of the collaborative project “La Ruta”, created in collaboration with Christopher Gregory and Erika P. Rodríguez.